Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why the Holiday Season is the Absolute Perfect Time to be Dating

1. It’s cold outside… and naturally you’ll huddle together

If you’re just starting out, it’s a great time to build intimacy – both physically and emotionally. Rubbing eachothers’ cold hands and engaging in a long warm hug in cold weather doesn’t have to be just a scene from a movie. Walk the streets in the cold, in the snow, and feel yourselves finding warmth through skinship with your partner.

2. More gifts, more joy
The joy of enriching your life by adding an extra person on your Christmas list and receiving one more special surprise in return. Unwrapping gifts during the holiday season is a unique type of joy you can look forward to, especially with a lover.

3. Let it glow
People are generally happier during the holiday season – what better time to lighten up, when you’re on a break from work to spend time with a loved one? Let the jolly aura resonate within your relationship. If you both were going through some rough patches, you should be relieved that the holidays are just around the corner – it’ll make everything better.

4. It’s a natural way to get a little more serious
Bringing your girlfriend, boyfriend to meet the family may not always be easy, but the holidays makes it natural and wonderful. The spirit of gathering can automatically escalate your relationship to the next level when you learn more about eachothers’ lives through attending celebrations together.

5. There’s gratitude and love all around
This is the perfect time to be reminded – we should be thankful for all things in life, especially for a boyfriend or girlfriend that completes our day-to-day. The holiday spirit will let you experience love on a whole new level – not just the romantic type, but also the appreciative, platonic type of love you feel for someone you can lean on.

Zepeel wishes you and your lover a happy holiday!

Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sexuality

What is your capacity for sexual desires? Studies suggest that people who have more sex may be doing better in other aspects of their lives – and masturbation doesn’t count!

Now, not everyone is on the same level of intensity for sexual feelings. Some of us are either shy, afraid or nonchalant towards making good, healthy and fun love several times a week. Not to encourage having casual sex with random partners all the time or anything (though that’s totally up to you!), but rather, we’re trying to get your juices flowing, to feel more alive, to enhance one another’s lives via natural pleasure – so lets get started on how to spice up your sexuality.

1. Indulge in erotic scenes
This doesn’t necessarily mean porn. It can be anything that stimulates you romantically or emotionally. Widening your capacity for romance or emotions can heighten your sexual desires. Because sexuality isn’t just a physical drive, it can be a mental one – no wonder sex is linked to enhanced moods, cured depression and is even considered spiritual!

2. Aphrodisiacs
Experiment with different aphrodisiacs, choose your favourites. Make a conscious choice to indulge in them! Don’t know what you like? Refer to our top 4 surprising aphrodisiacs list here.

3. Touch yourself in sensitive places
This doesn’t necessarily mean masturbation! Your body may not have discovered its sweet senses yet, so experiment with stroking, itching, rubbing parts of your body that may intensify some feelings. You know that image when you see Mariah Carey touching herself all over her body? That’s embracing ones sexuality right there. Lets all be more like Mariah Carey.

4. Imagine things and let your mind freely wander
Hormone levels are one thing, but some people don’t take enough time to think about sex. This is normal for people who are busy with work and going about their daily lives… But we should always fit in our schedules some down time to day dream.

5. Be more interested in people and in ideas
Despite all these brain exercises, there’s really one simple thing that is sure to boost your sexuality. Simply take an interest in it, in people and in their wildest dreams. Sex essentially makes people feel loved – it’s a way for you to give love. So simply care, take interest and go out to find a special someone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7 Cute & Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. The one day you can dress completely and absolutely inappropriate, and all the more outrageous if you're with a special someone to match your Halloween costume with.

If you're usually the type to go all out for the festivities, then you've probably tried (and are tired of) all the cliche Halloween couple costumes you see on the market. Well, good news for you, there are still plenty of ideas you have yet to try, evident by these cute, sexy and sometimes hilarious pairs that serve as great sources of inspiration. So flip through, get creative and make this Halloween the sexiest one yet!

1. Modern day vampire lovers

Who says vampires have to look like Dracula? This simple costume idea is the perfect blend of sexy, scary and sweet - all you need is some pale makeup, fangs, fake blood, long fingernails and whatever you want to wear.

2. Anything that plugs in

If you want to be that funny couple, this option might be the perfect fit. Browse for these getups at your local costume store or online.

3. Boobs...   

 Need I say more?

4. The sexiest, most PDA couple on Earth 
The very essence of this Kim Kardashian & Kanye West as a couple screams sex... So dressing up as them will undoubtedly be sexy and maybe even borderline raunchy.

5. Sexy book characters
 This one might be easier for the ladies, but gentlemen - don't be afraid to reveal some skin, too!

6. Anything marvel

This one is a classic. Why not be really original by coming up with your own superpowers and making up your own superhero duo name?

7. Calvin Klein underwear model lovers

This could be a fun try at home, or easily public-appropriate by throwing on matching white undershirts on top of jeans. Be hot, sexy, passionate and fabulous for a day, as if you're in a Calvin Klein underwear photoshoot.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dating tips from high school sweethearts

September may not mean much for many of us now, but remember those days when it meant the whole world because it was back-to-school season? In timely manner, we’ve compiled a list of some relationship tips that high school sweethearts would definitely approve of. How many of these do you and your lover practice every day?

1. PDA is not a choice
High school sweethearts are not high school sweethearts until they walk down the hallways holding hands. In a crowded, public setting like a school where hundreds of people are pooled together, the only way to mark territory and confirm exclusivity is to show it physically – something we tend to forget once we go into the real world. Feel how refreshing it is to sweetly hold each other in a public setting, with as much passion as a teenage couple. It will liven up the relationship in many ways.

2. Dress to impress every day
Going to the same school means seeing each other every day, which means having to dress up and smell nice every single day. Of course, high school in itself is a place we all wanted to look best for, but having your lover attending the same school meant more than just looking presentable – you want to look dashing. For those who have gotten complacent in their love lives, remember that the feeling of newness can happen every day with the right attitude. The type of attitude you’d have when getting ready for school, to see and impress your crush every day.

3. Leave little love notes
Cellphones are technically not allowed in classrooms, so high school couples will take other measures. I’m talking about scribbling sweet (and sometimes silly) messages on ripped lined paper and sticking them in lockers, passing them on in class and sneaking them into pencil cases for your lover to find spontaneously. Surprises are always welcome and don’t happen enough – it can be something as small as a note!

4. Walk each other places
When was the last time you walked your partner to his / her next destination? High school sweethearts meet for a few minutes in between classes and walk each other to class. It’s such a small thing, but means a lot because you know they are really milking the time they have to spend together.

5. Breaking the rules and acting out of pure spontaneity
When you’re so passionate about each other, sometimes all you want to do is spend time together – forget going to class. The coolest high school couples will skip class together and run off to the fast food joint or park where they will spend the hour cuddling instead of learning. When’s the last time you took a day off (when you weren’t supposed to) to hang out with your lover? May sound crazy, but why not initiate it? High school sweethearts may seem silly to some, but they are inspiring in some ways. They remind us to love with a burning spark like a young couple meeting eyes in the hallways.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reasons why there's no such thing as 'ridiculous' in Love

If you’re ever hesitant about a relationship and think that it's arguably “questionable,” think again... because the words love and ridiculous should be synonymous already. Whether they're crazy circumstances or crazy thoughts, allow me to let you in on a secret: there's no such thing as crazy when it comes to love. Below are a few of many reasons why you shouldn't be afraid to embrace the crazier types of romantic instances, the types that challenge traditional archetypes. Enjoy!

7-Times Divorced
In America, almost 50% of marriages now end in divorce. That’s not a very uplifting statistic, but what is a bit more encouraging is the fact that some people never give up on finding the one they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Lana Turner were divorced upwards of not once, not twice but seven times. If you thought jumping into a new relationship after a terrible breakup was ridiculous, imagine that multiplied by 7.

Long Distance
For some jobs, it’s impossible to avoid long distance. Katy Perry and her past boyfriend Russell Brand had hectic work schedules and were often apart. David Beckham and his wife Victoria were doing half-year long distance relationships when David was stationed in LA. It seems like many other couples, left, right and center, are engaged in some form of long-distance relationship with difficult time differences. But that’s totally doable nowadays, with the help of technology.

Biggest age gap
Forget anybody who’s ever questioned your taste or choice in men or women, because it couldn’t possibly come close to these. Actor Doug Hutchison was age 51 and his wife, Courtney Stodden was only 16 when they got hitched in Vegas. The youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, dated singer Delta Goodrem who was 9 years his senior. He was only 18. If that’s not enough, take a look at who Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are now dating respectively. There are the generic cute couples, then there are some strange couples, and then there are couples who couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

86 Years Together
It’s easy to get swept away by society’s ‘norm’ of what is considered appropriate timing, but numbers really don’t matter. No matter how short (or long), some relationships will always be functional. Just take Herbert and Zelmyra for example, they’ve been together for 86 years and hold a Guinness World's Record for it. 86 years may feel like a very very very long time for some, but to them, it was just a fun journey. 

Real love at first sight
"I think we both knew from the moment we met that we wanted to marry each other.” For some, that couldn’t sound any more ridiculous, but it was a dream-come-true for Kristin Cavallari and hubby Jay Cutler.
Fashion tycoon Tom Ford said something similar about his partner of 27 years, who he first met in an elevator. "I decided in that elevator ride that I was going to marry him. He ticked every box, and—boom—by the time we got to the floor, I was like, sold."

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to really win a woman's heart

1. One word: Charm
Every man has his own unique charm – let it show! Start off with a strong and confident introduction, but be comfortable – be yourself! Smile or laugh often, because at the end of the day, a woman just wants someone who can make her smile and laugh. No matter how handsome a man might be, he will not win a woman’s heart if he isn’t able to make her feel comfortable. So getting closer to a woman requires a certain comfort level and that will be hard to achieve if you aren’t feeling comfortable yourself.

2. Take her out and ask questions
Not every woman wants a fancy one, but a date is something no woman will reject if she is interested. Ask her out for a coffee, a lunch, a dinner, a drink. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a time for you two to get to know each other on a personal level.  

3. Be transparent with her
Once you’ve seen each other a couple times and you feel strongly towards this woman, you gotta let her know. Of course, this is the hardest part because you don’t want to come off too strong, but the message has to be delivered. Find the appropriate time to tell her that you find her to be amazing, attractive, fun to be around, whatever it may be. And if you can, tell her that you like her.

4. Show her that you trust her
It’s one thing to be fancied, but another thing to be trusted. It doesn’t matter whether or not she trusts you, but you should take the first step forward by showing her that you trust her. A good way to show this is by letting her in on a small secret or something rather personal, or leaving one of your belongings with her, or letting her wear something of yours until the next time you see each other. This can range from telling her a story not many people know, to letting her keep your favorite accessory for a week. This not only shows that you trust her with your stuff, but it’ll remind her of you every time she thinks about it, sees or wears it – leaving a deeper imprint and making her fall for you more and more.  

5. Show that you’re making an effort
Whether it’s going out of your way to help her out with something or making an explicit promise to her that you’ll try to be more punctual, effort is effort. Women appreciate even the littlest things that you try to arrange for them, and they will reciprocate your efforts. Building a relationship is all about compromise and giving, so once you initiate these gestures, she will not be able to resist from reciprocating back.

6. Show consistency
Sure, these steps are easy to carry out and play by the book. But the true way to really win a woman’s heart is to stay loyal and show that you will remain grounded by her side like a rock. A real woman who values herself will take her time getting to know you, so no matter how grand your efforts are, she will want to wait it out. Consistency is not something you should force, but it should happen naturally if you really like someone. If you find yourself being inconsistent in your actions, perhaps you should double check whether you really do want to “win” and be responsible for this woman’s heart… Because once you do, it will be the most precious and delicate thing for you to guard.

Monday, June 16, 2014

5 Amazing Date Ideas You Must Try This Summer

Summer is the season of “flings” for a reason! It’s a time full of sunshine, high energy and liveliness. It’s a time where you can finally try long-awaited activities. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, sitting at home snuggled on your couch is borderline forbidden this time of the year – why stay in when the weather permits a long list of exciting opportunities? Initiate a date (or five dates!) using these must-try date ideas below. Try something new with a new person, feel the good vibes and enjoy life!

1.  Go for a hike on the perfect trail
You have the day off of work and the weather permits, what better way to spend your morning/afternoon than to get out and get some sun with that special somebody? Not only is this a healthy exercise, it’s also a great way to unwind as you’re in tune with nature. It’ll be refreshing and rejuvenating; a great chance for you to enjoy the view, the challenge and the silence with your date. It’ll have you both feeling absolutely great afterwards!

2.  Bicycling around for an afternoon
If hiking is too intense for you, take it down a notch and go for a pleasant bike ride along interesting scenery. Rental bikes are not uncommon in cities; this is a cost-efficient way to spend an afternoon with someone you want to get to know better. Who knows where the bike ride will take you two? You might stumble upon new spots you can plan to check out together next time. 

3.  Lounge on a rooftop
After a long day, unwind and enjoy the dreamy ambiance on a rooftop patio with a great view. There is nothing more romantic than chatting, eating and drinking with tiny glistening lights all around you; a chance for you to get intimate with a special someone while getting some fresh air outdoors. Search for some of the best-rated rooftop patios near you and book a reservation!

4. Pack a lunch and go for a picnic 
The grass has never been greener and this is the time to finally play out that adorable scene you always see in movies. Go for a grocery run together and pick up a delicious lunch, or better yet, make sandwiches together! Find a spot where you can just sprawl, eat and hang out. This might not be the best first-date idea as it’s a bit more intimate and requires more “prep” work, but definitely an idea for upcoming dates down the road! Plus, picnics make for great photo ops – take some snapshots while you’re there and make it truly memorable.

5. Never too old for an amusement park
Summertime calls for carnivals, fairs, street food and of course, fun rides! This is a great date idea for new couples who want something a bit more casual than a fancy dinner. While you’re walking around, you’ll naturally open up to each other through chit chat. And while you’re going on rides and playing games, you’ll find yourselves laughing like there is not a care in the world – really enjoying the real beauty of summertime.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Relationship Advice from 4 Iconic "It" Couples

Celebrities attract enough attention to begin with, but these celebrity couples are the next level of attention-grabbing. These couples are just evidently more relevant than others -- they're the chosen "hot topics" of the media, the "it" couple that people can't get enough  of. They're the ones that all the other celebrity couples secretly envy. With all the fame and spotlight tailgating them, you'd wonder what exactly it is that make these seemingly superior couples so special. Well, they've gotta be idolized for a reason, right? Here are some tips to take away from four of today's most influential couples.

1. David and Victoria Beckham: They built a brand together
Many celebrity couples get hitched, then split shortly after. But David and Victoria's marriage lasted since 1999 and boy, did it come a long way. The soccer player-turned-entrepreneur and his wife are now one of the richest celebrity couples and for good reason. The two built the Beckham empire together, working under the same family name. Not to mention, the two seem practically inseparable, attending public events together. The two integrated into one another and became one brand, and it would be a total shock if they ever split!

2. Barack and Michelle Obama: They work as a team
For these two, the term "work" literally means congress work. The President and his wife have attended countless events together, sharing the spotlight along with the public attention. A duty like the President's can be hard to tackle alone, and Michelle has shown that beside every great man is a loyal woman. It's clear that the two act as a team when dealing with life, and it's definitely worked to their advantage. They seem much stronger with one another and are more popular! 

3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: They match outfits when appropriate

The "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" stars couldn't look any better together, especially on the red carpet. Brad and Angelina are often spotted in matching outfits that make every other couple wish they had done the same. It's usually a black tux for him and a black dress for her, but this year at the British Academy Film Awards, the two wore matching tuxedos! Yup, Angelina would pull off a suit and tie. The two looked absolutely adorable and probably served as inspiration to many fashionable couples.    

4. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: They do not refrain from excessive PDA
Kanye's music video for his song "Bound 2" says it all: for Kim and Kanye, it's all about publicly (and very proudly) displaying their hot romance for one another. The two have been spotted seriously PDA'ing at night clubs, basketball courtsides and on magazine covers. Some people may frown upon the in-your-face shameless-ness, but it's done the couple more good than bad. The couple was even featured on the cover of Vogue magazine, assumably for their powerfully confident and sensual aura, which not many couples like to flaunt!

Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Ways to Enhance a Long-Distance Relationship

Though they're always near and dear in your heart, there are times when significant others can't be within a car-ride's reach. Sometimes, you're just an area code apart. But other times, you could be working with a big time difference. Thankfully for those who are in a long-distance relationship, technology has come so far to enable across-sea couples to chat and love to the fullest. Whether you're a city, state or country apart from your lover, these tips will be sure to improve your relationship.

1. Find and take advantage of apps that work for you
Make sure you test out and find an app that you both like and download it. Connect often through this mutual app. Consider this your "home base" -- the one place you find comfort in shared photos, videos, updates and messages with your significant other. Plus, texting costs money, phone calls cost money. But the app store is one place you can find communication methods free of charge.

2. Establish a routine 
Once you've got your home base, find something that can act as sort of a ritual for both of you. Agree on a day and time every couple of days or week where you can clear your schedules to sit down for a video chat. Humans are creatures of routine -- routines ground us by providing familiarity and comfort. Distance sometimes makes it easier for people to get lost in their respective daily lives, and finding a time that works for both of you might get hard. By establishing a routine beforehand and making that a sort of promise, you're assuring that you're investing in the relationship. But of course, "winging it" is important too, to keep things spontaneous. 

3. Be spontaneous
Express your feelings when you want. Long-distance doesn't mean you can't send drunk texts. Yes, time zones can be annoying and you might feel silly sending deep messages when you know your beau is probably sleeping. But who doesn't love waking up to lovely messages or videos? They're only reminders that your significant other is thinking of you. Don't let the time difference stop you from being a hopeless romantic -- send them your love when you feel like it. 

4. Make up fun rules
Send each other photos of interesting things you come across. Misspelt signs. Cool cars. Adorable puppies. Or even something as mundane as your morning coffees. "Inside jokes" are something that makes us all smile or laugh -- keep things interesting by sharing quirky details of your daily lives.

5. Remind each other of your charm
Do send photos and videos looking your absolute best to remind your significant other what they're committed to. This is kind of a cute attention-grab that totally works. Especially when times get rocky, it'll remind them that it's all totally worth it. If you're wearing a new outfit or trying out a new hairstyle, be sure that the first person you share with is your lover. Take your phone, snap away, and make them fall in love with you all over again.

Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Reasons Spring is the Season to Date

Fall in love this Spring...

As they say, spring is the season of flings. So what really is it about the spring air that tickles our romantic senses?

1. Colour psychology

You’ll see the grass getting greener, flowers becoming more vivid in colour – and this is proven to affect your emotions. The colour green is often associated with tranquility and has a de-stressing effect. Colours like pink, red and yellow are known to remind us of warmth and energy. With colours blossoming all around us, it’s the perfect season to take a stroll with a new lover.

2. Less clothing 
Say goodbye to bundling up in bulky coats and clunky boots. Lighter clothing means lighter moods, happier moods, sexier moods. It also means less barriers physically. Every touch and every hug feels so much nicer with the load of clothing off our backs.

3. Feeling of newness
People say that winter is the first season (according to the calendar year), but springtime is when new life cultivates. It’s the season of spring-cleaning and a change in wardrobe. Many people spring into the new season on a clean slate, kind of like a second new year. This feeling of newness will give you a fresh perspective on life – the perfect mindset to search for new opportunities and romances.
Sunlight is proven to boost your mood.

4. Prolonged sunlight
Throughout the winter, outdoor plans are cut short because of quick-falling dusk (and the cold). But now that you’ve adjusted your clocks for daylight savings, the sun will set an hour later than usual. You can take advantage of this by soaking in an extra hour of vitamin D and romance.

5. Enhanced overall mood 
All of this – new blooms, later sunsets, less clothes – all add to the excitement of the spring season. For those who have had the winter blues (seasonal affective disorder a.k.a SAD is real), you simply don’t need a reason to feel happier other than the fact that it is now spring! Let optimism and a fresh energy drive you to a new confidence, new profile video and new relationship!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

No one blames you for running out of creative Valentine's day gift ideas. That's what bloggers like me are here for. Be inspired by this list of sexy gift ideas and outdo yourself this year! 

For Him
1.    A robe – the type that’ll make him feel like Hugh Hefner
This is both a sexy and practical gift. Find him a nice bathrobe (not a white one) and maybe throw in a pair of boxers to wear underneath it. Since the 40s and 50s, men have been rocking fancy loungewear that is almost equivalent to lingerie for women. Though it may not be red velour one, slipping on a nice robe will make your man feel important and sexy at home!

2.    A sexy board game with a bottle of his favourite drink
Pick up an adult board game at your local sex shop for a sexy night in, accompanied by a bottle of his favourite liquor (no beer allowed for Valentine’s day!). This could be both exciting and a little uncomfortable if it’s your first time ever engaging in a sex game, but don’t worry – the bottle of liquor will give you courage. Be prepared to get competitive and expect erotic punishments!

3.  An extension of his favourite past-time
If he’s obsessed with his car, buy him a new car wax or custom seat covers. If he loves sports, grab tickets to a game. If he’s into music, find an electronic DJ set. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who supports a man’s hobby, so anything that shows your understanding of his passion will be an A+ gift.

For Her
1.    A trip to the spa
Yes, this is the sexiest gift a woman could receive – what could be sexier than being pampered and rubbed the right way? Taking her to the spa is essentially investing on her body. She will leave feeling soft, smooth and beautiful, revitalizing her both physically and emotionally. And once she’s in a sexy mood, she will be much more likely to do sexy things.

Lingerie paired with scented oils
Underwear in itself is an explicitly “sexy” gift, but can be cliché. What would complete your Valentine’s day package is a sweet and sexy package of lingerie and some scented oils. Scented oils, very much like candles, exude different aromas that uplift your mood. There’s a wide range of scents too choose from, from floral to coconut to citrus. Handpick the ones you think your woman would like best. This will make your woman feel sexy not just on the exterior, but mentally as well – the aromatherapy will make her feel sexy inside and out.

3. Red or pink-themed goodies
This is an easy way to instantly romanticize any mundane gift; colour-coordinate all of it with red or pink wrapping paper and ribbons. Throw in whatever you please -- chocolates, underwear, massage oil and maybe some sexy toys, -- but make sure you wrap them individually in red. Put all the difference items together into one box or bag and sprinkle some rose petals in there to complete the ultimate sexy package. She’ll have tons of fun unwrapping each surprise!

Which do you think will tickle your partner's fancy? Will you go more sweet and romantic or make a sexy statement?  

Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Activities that will bring you and your partner closer together

1. A sport that only one of you know how to play.

Instead of going for a round of something you're both good at, try a sport that is new to one of you for a more engaging experience. This means one of you has to play teacher -- physically and verbally assisting your partner to get a hang of the new sport. Whether it's tennis, bowling or even snowboarding, taking up a new sport with the help of your beau is a great opportunity to bring you two closer together. During the process of teaching or learning from your spouse, you'll find out more about one another's teaching or learning tactics and connect on a different level that's not usually explored.

2. Do a personality test.

If you haven't done so already, sitting down and completing a personality test as a couple is a must. Part of becoming closer to one another has to do with building a mutual understanding of your similarities and differences. Find out more about your partner and broaden your perspective of him or her, so that you'll see where he or she is coming from next time you get into an argument. You can find tons of free ones online.

3. Make something in the kitchen. Together.

Rather than splitting up who makes what on which day, pick a recipe together that you both want to try -- and get to work! The idea of working on a project together to see the end result (and a delicious one, too) will bond you and your partner as a team. It's a fun way to see who takes the more authoritative role in giving directions or who ends up messing up. 

4. Get drunk.

No, not to the point where you both can't carry on a proper conversation. Grab a drink, just the two of you at a quieter lounge where you can chit-chat. This is a great atmosphere to loosen up and talk about things that you normally wouldn’t have a chance to. We all can get a little caught up with busy routines that we forget to take long breathers; take this time to catch up with a little help from liquid courage.