Monday, December 16, 2013

You should date a reckless guy

A rendition of Charles Warnke's You Should Date An Illiterate Girl 

Choose the guy who couldn't care less about being chosen. The type that doesn't give a damn about missed opportunities. A guy who would never sulk over consequences because quite frankly, he has nothing to lose. A guy who seems aloof, incautious and heedless towards those who fail to capture his interest. Someone who isn't mindful of what others think.

Date the guy who is thoughtless about the future and rash about the present. Someone who is inattentive to rules and unhesitant to do as he desires.

Once he sets his eyes on you, realize that he is reckless and that he will take no precaution; he is mindless of danger. He will be blind to your imperfections, even when you look your absolute worst. He'll be deaf to irrelevant chatter, traces of an unwanted past. He'll be impulsive; hot-headed to fall head-first, head-over-heels.

He may take notice of your flaws that slip, but deep down inside, he is completely inattentive to those flaws. Date the guy who’s inattentive to the idea that you and he could be a mismatch. Love him for being completely and utterly neglectful of anything but you and him.

Date someone who couldn’t care less about anything else so long as you are his – he recklessly disregards all else. He will be rash to wrap his arms around you, kiss your lips, make love to you passionately. He will courageously (but more effortlessly) put you first before all else, because you will be his enjoyment and comfort. Date that type of guy, who is absolutely careless, so long as you are his.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What Your Man's Underwear Says About Him

It’s hard to judge a man by what he wears on the outside because, let’s be real – he’ll definitely be dressing to impress you on the first couple of dates. The one thing that will reveal a man’s true, unaltered taste is his underwear. If you’re just starting to get to know someone and want an extra indicator of what he’s like, check this out:
1. Joe Boxer: He’s a guy’s guy.
If you see bold block font on his boxer band, your man is a bro at heart. Just like the brand’s renowned logo, Joe Boxer-wearers are lighthearted and have a sense of humor. Your dude is probably fun-loving, easy-going and laid back. Give this one his space when it comes to boy’s nights, because he won’t last long without chilling and joking around with his bros.

Jockey: He’s a gentleman.
Clean-cut and dandy, the Jockey-wearer flaunts a wholesome vibe. If your guy is wearing Jockey, he will likely be a sweet guy who is attentive to details. He’s most likely to be interested in fashion, too, which could be fun if you share the same interest.

This is how he sees himself in the mirror...

3. Calvin Klein: He’s a sexy romantic.
This guy cares deeply about how attractive he is. He strives for strong sex appeal and loves feeling sexy every time he looks at himself in the mirror. The Calvin Klein wearer is most likely to be a ladies’ man (note: plural). He is sensual and whimsical and romantic, but careful because he is the most likely to be full of himself and have player-ish tendencies. 

4. Fruit of the Loom: He’s a simple guy.
It’s the little things in life that make this guy happy. As bland as his underwear brand is, this dude is not picky. It won’t take much to impress him, but he is most likely to be someone who values quality and consistency.

5. Tommy Hilfiger: He’s a pretty boy.
Tommy undies are nothing but preppy accessories to this pretty boy’s wardrobe. This guy has a distinct taste; he knows what he is looking for. He has a strong sense of individuality and doesn’t mind expressing it through bright colors and bold prints. Guys who wear Tommy are more prone to being self-centred, so be wary of a partner who demands a little more attention.

Which of these best describe your man and his undies? Is this accurate?