Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Reasons Spring is the Season to Date

Fall in love this Spring...

As they say, spring is the season of flings. So what really is it about the spring air that tickles our romantic senses?

1. Colour psychology

You’ll see the grass getting greener, flowers becoming more vivid in colour – and this is proven to affect your emotions. The colour green is often associated with tranquility and has a de-stressing effect. Colours like pink, red and yellow are known to remind us of warmth and energy. With colours blossoming all around us, it’s the perfect season to take a stroll with a new lover.

2. Less clothing 
Say goodbye to bundling up in bulky coats and clunky boots. Lighter clothing means lighter moods, happier moods, sexier moods. It also means less barriers physically. Every touch and every hug feels so much nicer with the load of clothing off our backs.

3. Feeling of newness
People say that winter is the first season (according to the calendar year), but springtime is when new life cultivates. It’s the season of spring-cleaning and a change in wardrobe. Many people spring into the new season on a clean slate, kind of like a second new year. This feeling of newness will give you a fresh perspective on life – the perfect mindset to search for new opportunities and romances.
Sunlight is proven to boost your mood.

4. Prolonged sunlight
Throughout the winter, outdoor plans are cut short because of quick-falling dusk (and the cold). But now that you’ve adjusted your clocks for daylight savings, the sun will set an hour later than usual. You can take advantage of this by soaking in an extra hour of vitamin D and romance.

5. Enhanced overall mood 
All of this – new blooms, later sunsets, less clothes – all add to the excitement of the spring season. For those who have had the winter blues (seasonal affective disorder a.k.a SAD is real), you simply don’t need a reason to feel happier other than the fact that it is now spring! Let optimism and a fresh energy drive you to a new confidence, new profile video and new relationship!

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