Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7 Cute & Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. The one day you can dress completely and absolutely inappropriate, and all the more outrageous if you're with a special someone to match your Halloween costume with.

If you're usually the type to go all out for the festivities, then you've probably tried (and are tired of) all the cliche Halloween couple costumes you see on the market. Well, good news for you, there are still plenty of ideas you have yet to try, evident by these cute, sexy and sometimes hilarious pairs that serve as great sources of inspiration. So flip through, get creative and make this Halloween the sexiest one yet!

1. Modern day vampire lovers

Who says vampires have to look like Dracula? This simple costume idea is the perfect blend of sexy, scary and sweet - all you need is some pale makeup, fangs, fake blood, long fingernails and whatever you want to wear.

2. Anything that plugs in

If you want to be that funny couple, this option might be the perfect fit. Browse for these getups at your local costume store or online.

3. Boobs...   

 Need I say more?

4. The sexiest, most PDA couple on Earth 
The very essence of this Kim Kardashian & Kanye West as a couple screams sex... So dressing up as them will undoubtedly be sexy and maybe even borderline raunchy.

5. Sexy book characters
 This one might be easier for the ladies, but gentlemen - don't be afraid to reveal some skin, too!

6. Anything marvel

This one is a classic. Why not be really original by coming up with your own superpowers and making up your own superhero duo name?

7. Calvin Klein underwear model lovers

This could be a fun try at home, or easily public-appropriate by throwing on matching white undershirts on top of jeans. Be hot, sexy, passionate and fabulous for a day, as if you're in a Calvin Klein underwear photoshoot.