Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sexuality

What is your capacity for sexual desires? Studies suggest that people who have more sex may be doing better in other aspects of their lives – and masturbation doesn’t count!

Now, not everyone is on the same level of intensity for sexual feelings. Some of us are either shy, afraid or nonchalant towards making good, healthy and fun love several times a week. Not to encourage having casual sex with random partners all the time or anything (though that’s totally up to you!), but rather, we’re trying to get your juices flowing, to feel more alive, to enhance one another’s lives via natural pleasure – so lets get started on how to spice up your sexuality.

1. Indulge in erotic scenes
This doesn’t necessarily mean porn. It can be anything that stimulates you romantically or emotionally. Widening your capacity for romance or emotions can heighten your sexual desires. Because sexuality isn’t just a physical drive, it can be a mental one – no wonder sex is linked to enhanced moods, cured depression and is even considered spiritual!

2. Aphrodisiacs
Experiment with different aphrodisiacs, choose your favourites. Make a conscious choice to indulge in them! Don’t know what you like? Refer to our top 4 surprising aphrodisiacs list here.

3. Touch yourself in sensitive places
This doesn’t necessarily mean masturbation! Your body may not have discovered its sweet senses yet, so experiment with stroking, itching, rubbing parts of your body that may intensify some feelings. You know that image when you see Mariah Carey touching herself all over her body? That’s embracing ones sexuality right there. Lets all be more like Mariah Carey.

4. Imagine things and let your mind freely wander
Hormone levels are one thing, but some people don’t take enough time to think about sex. This is normal for people who are busy with work and going about their daily lives… But we should always fit in our schedules some down time to day dream.

5. Be more interested in people and in ideas
Despite all these brain exercises, there’s really one simple thing that is sure to boost your sexuality. Simply take an interest in it, in people and in their wildest dreams. Sex essentially makes people feel loved – it’s a way for you to give love. So simply care, take interest and go out to find a special someone.

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