Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Ways to Enhance a Long-Distance Relationship

Though they're always near and dear in your heart, there are times when significant others can't be within a car-ride's reach. Sometimes, you're just an area code apart. But other times, you could be working with a big time difference. Thankfully for those who are in a long-distance relationship, technology has come so far to enable across-sea couples to chat and love to the fullest. Whether you're a city, state or country apart from your lover, these tips will be sure to improve your relationship.

1. Find and take advantage of apps that work for you
Make sure you test out and find an app that you both like and download it. Connect often through this mutual app. Consider this your "home base" -- the one place you find comfort in shared photos, videos, updates and messages with your significant other. Plus, texting costs money, phone calls cost money. But the app store is one place you can find communication methods free of charge.

2. Establish a routine 
Once you've got your home base, find something that can act as sort of a ritual for both of you. Agree on a day and time every couple of days or week where you can clear your schedules to sit down for a video chat. Humans are creatures of routine -- routines ground us by providing familiarity and comfort. Distance sometimes makes it easier for people to get lost in their respective daily lives, and finding a time that works for both of you might get hard. By establishing a routine beforehand and making that a sort of promise, you're assuring that you're investing in the relationship. But of course, "winging it" is important too, to keep things spontaneous. 

3. Be spontaneous
Express your feelings when you want. Long-distance doesn't mean you can't send drunk texts. Yes, time zones can be annoying and you might feel silly sending deep messages when you know your beau is probably sleeping. But who doesn't love waking up to lovely messages or videos? They're only reminders that your significant other is thinking of you. Don't let the time difference stop you from being a hopeless romantic -- send them your love when you feel like it. 

4. Make up fun rules
Send each other photos of interesting things you come across. Misspelt signs. Cool cars. Adorable puppies. Or even something as mundane as your morning coffees. "Inside jokes" are something that makes us all smile or laugh -- keep things interesting by sharing quirky details of your daily lives.

5. Remind each other of your charm
Do send photos and videos looking your absolute best to remind your significant other what they're committed to. This is kind of a cute attention-grab that totally works. Especially when times get rocky, it'll remind them that it's all totally worth it. If you're wearing a new outfit or trying out a new hairstyle, be sure that the first person you share with is your lover. Take your phone, snap away, and make them fall in love with you all over again.

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