Monday, September 15, 2014

Dating tips from high school sweethearts

September may not mean much for many of us now, but remember those days when it meant the whole world because it was back-to-school season? In timely manner, we’ve compiled a list of some relationship tips that high school sweethearts would definitely approve of. How many of these do you and your lover practice every day?

1. PDA is not a choice
High school sweethearts are not high school sweethearts until they walk down the hallways holding hands. In a crowded, public setting like a school where hundreds of people are pooled together, the only way to mark territory and confirm exclusivity is to show it physically – something we tend to forget once we go into the real world. Feel how refreshing it is to sweetly hold each other in a public setting, with as much passion as a teenage couple. It will liven up the relationship in many ways.

2. Dress to impress every day
Going to the same school means seeing each other every day, which means having to dress up and smell nice every single day. Of course, high school in itself is a place we all wanted to look best for, but having your lover attending the same school meant more than just looking presentable – you want to look dashing. For those who have gotten complacent in their love lives, remember that the feeling of newness can happen every day with the right attitude. The type of attitude you’d have when getting ready for school, to see and impress your crush every day.

3. Leave little love notes
Cellphones are technically not allowed in classrooms, so high school couples will take other measures. I’m talking about scribbling sweet (and sometimes silly) messages on ripped lined paper and sticking them in lockers, passing them on in class and sneaking them into pencil cases for your lover to find spontaneously. Surprises are always welcome and don’t happen enough – it can be something as small as a note!

4. Walk each other places
When was the last time you walked your partner to his / her next destination? High school sweethearts meet for a few minutes in between classes and walk each other to class. It’s such a small thing, but means a lot because you know they are really milking the time they have to spend together.

5. Breaking the rules and acting out of pure spontaneity
When you’re so passionate about each other, sometimes all you want to do is spend time together – forget going to class. The coolest high school couples will skip class together and run off to the fast food joint or park where they will spend the hour cuddling instead of learning. When’s the last time you took a day off (when you weren’t supposed to) to hang out with your lover? May sound crazy, but why not initiate it? High school sweethearts may seem silly to some, but they are inspiring in some ways. They remind us to love with a burning spark like a young couple meeting eyes in the hallways.

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