Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The 5 types of guys you’ll find on Zepeel v1.5

Of course, you can't generalize all of the male species into 5 categories. But you will notice some commonalities among the video profiles you flip through on the Zepeel v1.5 app. Here's the breakdown of Zepeel's diverse range of male users; you'll see there's something in store for everyone.
1. The collared shirt
Whether it’s a polo tee, dress shirt or uniform, shirts with a crisp collar signify a classic type of guy. You can expect these guys to be more traditional; they’ll take you to a movie and dinner and maybe bring you roses. These types of guys are often working professionals and are well-disciplined, respectful and value a lady. If you’re into classic courtship with someone who understands the role of a responsible man, you’ll find plentiful on Zepeel newsfeed.

2. Selfie with the sunglasses
You’ll come across the rare few that ooze with style and confidence. A little more alternative in taste in music as well as outlook on life, these guys are looking for a stylish companion to have fun together. If you're into a masculine guy who's not afraid to break the rules, look for the edgy ones rocking shades.

3. The sweet grinners
Who doesn't love a genuine, wide grin? Adorable to begin with, these fresh-faced sweethearts will leave a heartwarmin first impression and remind you that some guys are just completely safe to bring home to the parents.

4. The adventurous explorer
Whether he’s on a helicopter, at the hockey game or in front of a beautiful skyline in his video photo, it'll be clear when you come across the dynamic-looking wanderer. These wholesome guys are looking for a partner who loves to travel, hike and explore just as much as they do. If you're longing for someone to enjoy the world's many wonders with, then you won't be disappointed on Zepeel v1.5. 

5. Rugged around the edges
We can't leave out the scruffy heartthrobs with big muscles, piercings and tattoos. If you're into a guy who looks good in nothing but a sleeveless shirt and jeans, you'll find good fun browsing through video profiles. Just remember not to be fooled by the rugged jaw lines; these guys are sometimes the most genuine and sweet at heart. 

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Being a little proactive to find love in this day and age is the norm. He could be waiting to have a video chat with you on Zepeel right this moment!

Monday, November 11, 2013

5 ways Zepeel v1.5 will enhance your everyday life

1. It’ll make you be not awkward
If you’re the type to get tongue-tied in awkward, try spending more time in front of the camera. Zepeel requires users to record and upload video profiles, talking about themselves, their interests and hobbies. Reciting in front of a camera will improve your speech and presentation skills. Over time, you’ll notice yourself naturally becoming more expressive and comfortable in front of the camera – a fun and easy way to build your overall confidence, which is key in facing awkward situations.

2. You’ll always look cute
Zepeel v1.5 features a style video option; users can upload what they wore for the day. The fact that you’re sharing your outfits with many other users will give you that extra push of motivation when getting ready in the morning. In the process of documenting your outfits, you’ll notice yourself looking cute everyday and paying more attention to details. It’s in a girl’s nature to want to flaunt and what better way than to document and share?

3. You’ll get to know yourself better
Aside from style videos, Zepeel v1.5 showcases activity video logs of you sharing your hobbies. You can also upload daily status updates, which is like a reflective diary entry. Expressing your interests and daily life on camera is a nice way to compile and preserve your memories, while learning more about yourself.

4. It’ll save you time
Got no time to hit up a bar or attend networking events? Zepeel v1.5 is like a database of people who are single and looking – it’s serious and fool-proof. The app can be used to quickly search, find and meet new people so that you’re not wasting time out and about. It also has a built-in geolocation system that will track singles located near you, so that you can meet nearby users in the quickest way possible.

5. It’ll filter out friends for you
After a while, you realize that you no longer have the patience for meaningless self intros at the bar. Zepeel v1.5’s software works like a search engine; it’ll set you up with what you’re looking for. The app is set up so that users explain what they’re all about up-front, which prevents confusing or misleading relationships. It’s a convenient tool to find exactly what you like.
Zepeel v1.5 is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo. If this platform sounds like something you could benefit from, CLICK HERE to contribute and become a part of the Zepeel community!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Different Scents for 5 Different Types of Men

Perfume has a way of attracting the opposite sex and that’s a known fact. But we often overlook an important point; every man will be more attracted to certain types of scents over others. Below is a list of various types of aromas for different types of men. Is your beau a sports fanatic? You’ll probably want to go with number 2. A younger guy? Maybe number 3 or 4. Of course, I’d advise you wear whatever you feel defines you best. But spritzing on your man’s favourite scent just might make him go extra crazy for you – which never hurts.

1. Chanel No.5
A classic gentleman dreams of a traditional lady and nothing defines an elegant woman more than Chanel No. 5. If your man is mature, serious and loves to dress up in a nice suit and tie, this scent will complement him well. It’s a warm and rich blend of jasmine, lily, amber and vanilla.

2. Dolce and Gabbana Light BlueAs its name suggests, this scent represents and attracts the cool and laid back. This light and fresh scent is a bit sportier than your typical girly perfume. If your guy loves to hang out in casual attire and doesn’t mind your hair messy, this floral-fruity aroma will tickle his fancy.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy
A hopeless romantic will get lost in this aroma of flowers. For dreamers with dandy style, the subtle floral scent is as lovely as it could get. If your guy is nature-loving, carefree and sweet, this pretty scent will be his ideal. 

Even the bottle screams fun.
4. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
A younger, fun-loving guy will fall for this thick sugary scent. It’s basically like a liquid candy mist and will make a bold presence for the outgoing girl. It’s a boost of liveliness, consisting of wild berries and mandarin oranges and honeysuckle. 

5. Dior Addict Eau de Parfum
This is for a serious man who can handle a kick (or a lot) of spice. This mature scent is for the strong woman with a dark side. This heavy scent of spiced vanilla is not for everyone, but is perfect for macho men looking for a sexy woman.

Which scents do you wear and how do you think it defines you? And what kind of men do you think that'll be attracting?