Monday, June 16, 2014

5 Amazing Date Ideas You Must Try This Summer

Summer is the season of “flings” for a reason! It’s a time full of sunshine, high energy and liveliness. It’s a time where you can finally try long-awaited activities. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, sitting at home snuggled on your couch is borderline forbidden this time of the year – why stay in when the weather permits a long list of exciting opportunities? Initiate a date (or five dates!) using these must-try date ideas below. Try something new with a new person, feel the good vibes and enjoy life!

1.  Go for a hike on the perfect trail
You have the day off of work and the weather permits, what better way to spend your morning/afternoon than to get out and get some sun with that special somebody? Not only is this a healthy exercise, it’s also a great way to unwind as you’re in tune with nature. It’ll be refreshing and rejuvenating; a great chance for you to enjoy the view, the challenge and the silence with your date. It’ll have you both feeling absolutely great afterwards!

2.  Bicycling around for an afternoon
If hiking is too intense for you, take it down a notch and go for a pleasant bike ride along interesting scenery. Rental bikes are not uncommon in cities; this is a cost-efficient way to spend an afternoon with someone you want to get to know better. Who knows where the bike ride will take you two? You might stumble upon new spots you can plan to check out together next time. 

3.  Lounge on a rooftop
After a long day, unwind and enjoy the dreamy ambiance on a rooftop patio with a great view. There is nothing more romantic than chatting, eating and drinking with tiny glistening lights all around you; a chance for you to get intimate with a special someone while getting some fresh air outdoors. Search for some of the best-rated rooftop patios near you and book a reservation!

4. Pack a lunch and go for a picnic 
The grass has never been greener and this is the time to finally play out that adorable scene you always see in movies. Go for a grocery run together and pick up a delicious lunch, or better yet, make sandwiches together! Find a spot where you can just sprawl, eat and hang out. This might not be the best first-date idea as it’s a bit more intimate and requires more “prep” work, but definitely an idea for upcoming dates down the road! Plus, picnics make for great photo ops – take some snapshots while you’re there and make it truly memorable.

5. Never too old for an amusement park
Summertime calls for carnivals, fairs, street food and of course, fun rides! This is a great date idea for new couples who want something a bit more casual than a fancy dinner. While you’re walking around, you’ll naturally open up to each other through chit chat. And while you’re going on rides and playing games, you’ll find yourselves laughing like there is not a care in the world – really enjoying the real beauty of summertime.

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