Monday, February 10, 2014

Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

No one blames you for running out of creative Valentine's day gift ideas. That's what bloggers like me are here for. Be inspired by this list of sexy gift ideas and outdo yourself this year! 

For Him
1.    A robe – the type that’ll make him feel like Hugh Hefner
This is both a sexy and practical gift. Find him a nice bathrobe (not a white one) and maybe throw in a pair of boxers to wear underneath it. Since the 40s and 50s, men have been rocking fancy loungewear that is almost equivalent to lingerie for women. Though it may not be red velour one, slipping on a nice robe will make your man feel important and sexy at home!

2.    A sexy board game with a bottle of his favourite drink
Pick up an adult board game at your local sex shop for a sexy night in, accompanied by a bottle of his favourite liquor (no beer allowed for Valentine’s day!). This could be both exciting and a little uncomfortable if it’s your first time ever engaging in a sex game, but don’t worry – the bottle of liquor will give you courage. Be prepared to get competitive and expect erotic punishments!

3.  An extension of his favourite past-time
If he’s obsessed with his car, buy him a new car wax or custom seat covers. If he loves sports, grab tickets to a game. If he’s into music, find an electronic DJ set. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who supports a man’s hobby, so anything that shows your understanding of his passion will be an A+ gift.

For Her
1.    A trip to the spa
Yes, this is the sexiest gift a woman could receive – what could be sexier than being pampered and rubbed the right way? Taking her to the spa is essentially investing on her body. She will leave feeling soft, smooth and beautiful, revitalizing her both physically and emotionally. And once she’s in a sexy mood, she will be much more likely to do sexy things.

Lingerie paired with scented oils
Underwear in itself is an explicitly “sexy” gift, but can be cliché. What would complete your Valentine’s day package is a sweet and sexy package of lingerie and some scented oils. Scented oils, very much like candles, exude different aromas that uplift your mood. There’s a wide range of scents too choose from, from floral to coconut to citrus. Handpick the ones you think your woman would like best. This will make your woman feel sexy not just on the exterior, but mentally as well – the aromatherapy will make her feel sexy inside and out.

3. Red or pink-themed goodies
This is an easy way to instantly romanticize any mundane gift; colour-coordinate all of it with red or pink wrapping paper and ribbons. Throw in whatever you please -- chocolates, underwear, massage oil and maybe some sexy toys, -- but make sure you wrap them individually in red. Put all the difference items together into one box or bag and sprinkle some rose petals in there to complete the ultimate sexy package. She’ll have tons of fun unwrapping each surprise!

Which do you think will tickle your partner's fancy? Will you go more sweet and romantic or make a sexy statement?  

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