Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why the Holiday Season is the Absolute Perfect Time to be Dating

1. It’s cold outside… and naturally you’ll huddle together

If you’re just starting out, it’s a great time to build intimacy – both physically and emotionally. Rubbing eachothers’ cold hands and engaging in a long warm hug in cold weather doesn’t have to be just a scene from a movie. Walk the streets in the cold, in the snow, and feel yourselves finding warmth through skinship with your partner.

2. More gifts, more joy
The joy of enriching your life by adding an extra person on your Christmas list and receiving one more special surprise in return. Unwrapping gifts during the holiday season is a unique type of joy you can look forward to, especially with a lover.

3. Let it glow
People are generally happier during the holiday season – what better time to lighten up, when you’re on a break from work to spend time with a loved one? Let the jolly aura resonate within your relationship. If you both were going through some rough patches, you should be relieved that the holidays are just around the corner – it’ll make everything better.

4. It’s a natural way to get a little more serious
Bringing your girlfriend, boyfriend to meet the family may not always be easy, but the holidays makes it natural and wonderful. The spirit of gathering can automatically escalate your relationship to the next level when you learn more about eachothers’ lives through attending celebrations together.

5. There’s gratitude and love all around
This is the perfect time to be reminded – we should be thankful for all things in life, especially for a boyfriend or girlfriend that completes our day-to-day. The holiday spirit will let you experience love on a whole new level – not just the romantic type, but also the appreciative, platonic type of love you feel for someone you can lean on.

Zepeel wishes you and your lover a happy holiday!

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