Sunday, October 27, 2013

The 5 most cliché women’s costumes to avoid this Halloween

Year after year, dressing up for Halloween doesn’t seem to get any easier. It’s always the first thing that comes to mind once October rolls around because you know that at the end of the month, you’ll be expected to show up to a party dressed exceptionally slutty. It’s the one night it’s hardest to stand out in a crowd because, let’s be honest, you’re surrounded by a pool of half-naked girls with loads of makeup on. Now I can’t really help you with what to wear to set yourself apart, but I can lay out this list of don’t-do’s. Wear something you’ll actually take pride in this year, AKA not any of these listed below.

1. The ambiguous, barely-there “uniform”
You’re bound to see tons of women in either black, navy blue or army green this (and every) Halloween – and trust me, everyone has just had enough. These party-packagers outfits are boring and will spark no conversation. Not to mention they’re a rip-off and not always flattering!

2. The tavern girl dress

Whether you’re Dorothy, Alice in Wonderland, a Swiss girl, a tavern girl or a Viking girl… That ribbon-y, short A-line dress from the costume store looks all the same to guys (especially in the dark). These dresses never fail to fill half the room at Halloween parties, so do yourself a favor and don’t fall in that trap!

3. The plaid shirt and ripped jean shorts

Only dress up as a cow girl or lumberjack girl if you want to publicize the fact that you were ridiculously busy (or lazy) this Halloween. Daisy Duke is so last decade. It also requires minimal to no effort in putting together, which is no fun. Show a little bit of creativity and originality by doing anything BUT this.

4. The EARS

While playboy bunnies are iconic sex symbols… Cats, mice and cheetahs are not. The furry ears, eyeliner-drawn whiskers and tails on a skin-tight black dress are just so lame. Unless there was a cool pop culture reference to it, it’s just weird to dress up as a feline or rodent – yet we still continue to see this year after year.

5. The supernatural entity

Angel wings or devil horns are the staple pieces that every Halloween shop will carry for eternity. But hey, it’s 2013 and Halloween’s not about angels and devils and ghouls anymore. It’s too outdated to be considered a cool costume ever. Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, the “angel” look really won’t fly.

While this list narrows down your options A LOT, it also opens your eyes to alternative ways to dress up for Halloween! Try piecing together an outfit that is one-of-a-kind -- mixing and matching pieces rather than wearing just a store-bought outfit. By eliminating these clichés, you can explore options that show off your creativity and personal style. You can add a special touch to any costume by digging random things out of your own closet and thinking of ways to incorporate them into your costume! Stand out from the crowd this Halloween by shining your own light -- the magic formula to impressing any guy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Use These 6 Apps to Enhance Your Relationship

Technology is making everything easier, and relationships are no exception. With so many creative apps out on the market, you won’t ever have to feel helpless when there’s a bump in the road. Whatever your relationship concern is, there’s probably an app tailored for it... Equip yourself by downloading these six basics to strengthen you and your beau’s love life.

1.    Build better communication
Imagine having a private newsfeed slash dropbox exclusively for you and your loved one -- the Between app is a photo and love note-sharing tool just for you two. The couple-oriented software lets you post statuses (more like love notes) onto a storyboard for your eyes only. This is perfect if you’re looking to strengthen your communication; you can keep each other updated in a unique and convenient way. 

2.    Clear the air easily
You’re bound to have that exboyfriend who you’d rather not have around, especially popping up on your computer screen. Now you can completely detach from bad exes with Ex-Blocker  – a browser plugin that completely blocks up to five people off your Facebook, Twitter and other blog sites. If you’re the type to dwell in the past, do yourself a favour and install this. And install it on your boyfriend’s computer while you’re at it!

3.    Spice Things Up
Passion is a mobile app that rates your performance in bed on a scale of 1 to 10. All you need to do is turn on the app and place it on your bed before getting it on. This is a fun way to get more into it than ever before. You can take turns owning the bed and turn it into a fun competition.

4. Avoid drama with pre-crafted messages
Are you the type to text things you don’t even mean out of anger? The Makeup Text app crafts the perfectly appropriate make-up text for any occasion. Most of the pre-assembled texts are for comic relief, but sincere ones like “I love you more than anything” or “I want another chance” will surely not leave you in the dust.   

5.    Be mindful of anniversaries
As its name suggests, the MANsaver app saves your lover -- from forgetting important dates of anniversaries, birthdays, dinner dates, etc. Guys can be really bad with remembering things, so this app will come in really handy. It even offers sweet gift ideas, pre-made sentimental messages and unique date scenarios; it’s a win-win for both you and your man!

6.  Shop together for your future
This one’s for awaiting bride-to-be’s: the Tiffany & Co. iPhone app lets you pick out a ring with ease. What better way to be on the same page with things than flipping through this online catalogue? Warning: app could either enhance or harm relationship depending on how it’s used.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lauren Conrad is Happier than Ever -- Here's How

Lauren Conrad isn't just a pretty face -- there is a thing or two to take away from the blonde bombshell when it comes to dating. The 27-year-old fashion designer, author and blogger seemed happier than ever after her boyfriend of two years, William Tell, proposed to her this past weekend. Conrad's first big break into Hollywood was drama-filled reality TV -- The Hills and Laguna Beach -- but today, just a few years after the show, she is fully settled down with her beau with a successful enterprise built to her name. Here's what Lauren Conrad did to prove herself very smart about her dating life.

1. She ditched fame
It's like an implicit rule that celebrities date other celebrities; the higher profile you are, the higher profile you will date. Think of all the A-listers that were quick to get married to other A-listers, only to end in divorce: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. The fact that Lauren Conrad chose a low key guy tells you that she doesn't count fame as a factor when it comes to dating -- she genuinely cares about her man's character and all the real stuff.

2. She was mindful of commonalities
Lauren Conrad is a reality TV star turned business woman; her fiancee is an ex rock band member turned law school student. The two both dipped their toes in the entertainment industry, but proceeded to pursue more stable careers. Never mind the little things they share in common, but Lauren Conrad definitely nailed it when sticking with an important aspect -- a similar outlook on life.

3. She has an eye for matching things -- even when it comes to boys
Fashionistas like to match shoes to their clothes, and men are no exception. Lauren Conrad and her boyfriend look adorable together because they share similar style -- the two were often spotted wearing complementing outfits or sunglasses. The couple seems like-minded when it comes to fashion, both sporting preppy and dapper looks. You'd be surprised; this kind of stuff matters to a lot of girls and especially fashionistas. This "matching" look is definitely not something that Conrad's jock-like ex could offer, which makes her current fiancee all the better.

She's wearing polka dots, he's wearing a dotted bow tie.
4. She likes balance and looks for balance in her men
It's not every day you meet a rock star turned lawyer, but the concept of it exists everywhere: a man who is well-rounded with a range of interests. When Lauren Conrad isn't working on continuing to build her empire, she's often spotted wining and dining and hanging out by the pool with her boyfriend. Similarly, the 33-year-old University of Southern California student is studious yet social and knows how to just chill out.

5. She was open-minded to a setup
The newly engaged couple met on a blind date! "I met my boyfriend on a setup," Conrad told Allure magazine a while back. "I did not go with high hopes, though. What was nice about us is we both went in with preconceptions, but they were quickly broken." Rather than dating within her circle of friends at Laguna Beach, Conrad stepped out and took the initiative to be introduced to someone completely new. If every girl was as brave and smart about dating, the world would be a much cuter place.

Friday, October 4, 2013

4 Aphrodisiacs That Will Surprise You

Forget strawberries and chocolate; it's about time guys invested a little more into foreplay in not such an obvious way. There are a few natural foods that have the same effect as conventional aphrodisiacs, yet are not widely known. The best part about these is that you can even pick them up yourself and prepare to get in the mood, without seeming like you're doing so.

1)    Tea: Aside from containing antioxidants that get your blood flowing, a cup of good tea acts as a form of aromatherapy. Warm tea has an overall soothing effect, relieving tense muscles. Cold tea works well, too, but has a different effect; try it with pumps of flavored syrup or sweetener for an energy boost. Hot or cold, a good brew will give you the pre-relaxation you need to feel amazing in bed.

2)    Walnuts: Nuts contain unsaturated fats – the good oils that provide energy and increase brain activity. At the same time, they're known to be a health food that lowers stress-levels, soothing higher levels of adrenaline or anxiety. Being relaxed yet energetic at the same time is the perfect state to be in. And the best part about these is that they require little to no preparation; they can be eaten as snacks or even tossed in a salad. Munch on these nuts for enhanced stimulation and pleasure.

3)    Mint: This flavor is the best wake up call for your mind and senses. Mint leaves can be hard to incorporate into your diet... So just keep in mind the flavor itself. If you're going to choose a drink, try a mojito. Chew strong-flavored mint gum. Pick mint chocolate chip ice cream. The very scent of the mint will help heighten and invigorate your senses... Just what you need to feel amazing with every stroke during foreplay.

4)  Peaches: We all know sweets are a girl's best friend. While peaches are full of natural sugars, they're also a fantastic super food rich in nutrients; they have a natural sedative that reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping relaxed is key, for girls especially. So a sugary treat that has a stress-relieving effect may be just the thing you need; this extra kick will loosen you up and put you in the mood to be a little more wild!