Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Activities that will bring you and your partner closer together

1. A sport that only one of you know how to play.

Instead of going for a round of something you're both good at, try a sport that is new to one of you for a more engaging experience. This means one of you has to play teacher -- physically and verbally assisting your partner to get a hang of the new sport. Whether it's tennis, bowling or even snowboarding, taking up a new sport with the help of your beau is a great opportunity to bring you two closer together. During the process of teaching or learning from your spouse, you'll find out more about one another's teaching or learning tactics and connect on a different level that's not usually explored.

2. Do a personality test.

If you haven't done so already, sitting down and completing a personality test as a couple is a must. Part of becoming closer to one another has to do with building a mutual understanding of your similarities and differences. Find out more about your partner and broaden your perspective of him or her, so that you'll see where he or she is coming from next time you get into an argument. You can find tons of free ones online.

3. Make something in the kitchen. Together.

Rather than splitting up who makes what on which day, pick a recipe together that you both want to try -- and get to work! The idea of working on a project together to see the end result (and a delicious one, too) will bond you and your partner as a team. It's a fun way to see who takes the more authoritative role in giving directions or who ends up messing up. 

4. Get drunk.

No, not to the point where you both can't carry on a proper conversation. Grab a drink, just the two of you at a quieter lounge where you can chit-chat. This is a great atmosphere to loosen up and talk about things that you normally wouldn’t have a chance to. We all can get a little caught up with busy routines that we forget to take long breathers; take this time to catch up with a little help from liquid courage.

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