Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Miss Kansas Teaches Us About Real American Beauty

The 2013 Miss America pageant really stirred things up on the Internet because of netizens' strong belief that Miss Kansas should have won instead of Miss New York. People are quick to judge that whoever is routing for Miss Kansas is racist, but there’s a whole lot more to Theresa Vail than just her blonde hair. Let’s pretend for a second that both contestants were Caucasian: Miss Kansas is still closer to the epitome of American beauty. All this talk about racism is distracting us from what’s really important here: that 22-year-old Sgt. Theresa Vail kicks a$$ in ways that more American girls can relate. The bombshell reminds us what it takes to be an attractive girl living in modern day America.

1. Be genuine
The main thing that really set her apart from the rest was her openly flaunted tattoo, which is typically a faux pas in beauty pageants. This girl was 100% herself, regardless of traditions or what other contestants were doing.

2. Be a little bit vulnerable
The 22-year-old tugged at our heartstrings with her story of how she was relentlessly bullied and suicidal at one point. No one likes someone who is perfect, because that doesn’t exist.

3. Be a little bit raunchy
Let’s be real – her side tattoo is borderline white trash. It is in no way classy, dainty or Audrey Hepburn. But see how times are changing and it’s no longer 1960? We all like a girl with an edge. Plus it is meaningful… just inked in super tacky cursive.

4. Be a hint of manly
Is there anything sexier than a girl in an army uniform? Or any uniform that belongs to a typically male-dominant profession? We live in a day and age where girls are manlier than ever before. Miss Kansas wears combat boots, handles guns and is training for a pilot license. 

5. But still look like a typical Barbie doll
Let’s not forget that this is still a beauty pageant – an American one. Barbie is blonde, has D-cup breasts and mile-long legs, a lot like Miss Kansas! Sure, she’s talented and genuine and edgy, but ultimately, it comes down to the fact that she’s still closer in appearance to a classic Barbie than Miss New York. Can’t deny that we all grew up playing with these dolls.

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