Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Online Dating: Advice for the Ladies

First post, this is exciting. Just call me the online dating guru because I will be sharing some pointers that will blow your minds.

For ladies who use dating sites, my first advice is this: stop sitting there in front of your computer screen, trying to guess what he will be like in person. Let’s face it; girls tend to make up unrealistic interpretations of photos. Once you finally meet the guy, it will not be what you envisioned; he could either turn out completely not-your-style or surprisingly cute, just unphotogenic (to say the least).

What I’m trying to say is: photos don’t ever do people justice. They’re misleading because they’re often outdated and easily manipulated. They’re ambiguous because you can’t put a voice to a face. And you can’t fully judge someone off of speechless, motionless photographs.

Rewind to the early 2000s, when online mingling started booming. These were the years of MSN Messenger, Hi5, Xanga, Friendster, etc. etc. Back then, online profiles were far from realistic; people would make up dream profiles with unclear webcam pics and random user IDs (e.g.: CooLGuY123).

Fast-forward to 2013 and times have changed. Online social networks have evolved. Now, it’s all about the real, genuine and timely. Dating services should be the same.

A lot of apps now have video components, to provide complete sensory experiences. Just like Vine or Instagram’s video feature, dating apps should let us watch, hear and feel the entire essence of people. I want real-time video introductions, as if I saw them in person -- no more awkwardly cropped photos!

This is why I’m so glad I found Zepeel; the first smartphone app that requires all users to have video profiles of themselves. These bios are real, legitimate and genuine. You can tell a lot more about a man through video; the voice, gestures and facial expressions make him come to life. Truly the new age of online dating, Zepeel is a fun and safe way to connect with genuine people.

It saves me time, too, because there’s really no room for ambiguity with real-time recordings. I’m not sitting there pondering whether or not I should message him. Isn’t time too precious to waste? If you agree with me, you need to download Zepeel NOW -– free at the app store for a limited time.

Until next time,

Gabby G

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