Monday, September 30, 2013

#Foreveralone is Ruining Lives

While it’s a tragically hilarious way to summarize just plain devastating events, #foreveralone is actually becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy to a lot of people who end up, well, forever alone. It’s almost like people of our generation have more fun laughing at themselves than laughing at others… Since when did we being accepting the fact that we will live day to day as sulkers?

The whole basis of the Internet meme and hashtag phenomenon #foreveralone is that your life sucks. People have started posting personal stories and even photos of themselves, summarizing it as #foreveralone. Sure, it’s just funny comic relief, but you don’t realize that Internet trends have all the impact on people’s outlook on things and overall mentality. Think about it: this is where we spend more than a quarter of each day. 

Here’s a cinematic example: Joseph Gordon Levitt in 500 Days of Summer. The sad loser character just happens to be “heart throb” JGL. Did Summer not just dump him for someone else? The man didn’t even shed a tear or show the slightest form of rage. Is this cool or something? #foreveralone  

Enough chickflicks star that typical girl lead: a self-belittling dork who cries eating Haagen Dazs while on the phone with her mom. #foreveralone

Reality is, not all of us who behave like JGL of 500 Days of Summer or Mila Kunis of Friends with Benefitslook like JGL or Mila Kunis. So basically, #foreveralone won’t work in your favour at all… You won’t be pleasantly surprised with an Autumn or a Justin Timberlake to sweep you off your feet. #foreveralone

#foreveralone is funny and entertaining until you catch yourself actually living the #foreveralone life. You wake up and go to your tedious job and spill coffee on yourself along the way, then you make yourself dinner and watch 10 movies before sleeping, repeat – while your friends are with their manfriends or busy being newly engaged. #foreveralone 

Rather than just spending hours on the Internet lonely and sad, wouldn’t it make sense to try and break free from it by meeting other singles online? It’s like a resource so easily accessible, yet a people still haven’t got it yet. You’re basically missing out on a life of sparks. Flare. Spontaneity. #foreveralone

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"Forever Alone is an exploitable rage comic character that is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life."- Know Your Meme

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