Friday, September 13, 2013

Are You Dating Your Neighbor? Here's How the Breakup Might Go...

When you’re younger, your "neighborhood" seems like your entire world. Did you meet your first boyfriend on the playgrounds at school? Did you stay with the same guy throughout high school or college? Did you guys share the same group of friends? If you answered yes and are still going strong, that's great. But for those of you who broke up with that guy in your same circle of friends, how brutal was it dealing with the break-up? Seeing him around alllllll the time?

If you're dating your highschool sweetheart, imagine the break-up. You've been attached to the same group of friends for yearrrrs. Breaking free from this clique-y atmosphere will be hard. I once had a friend who lived and breathed to be in secret competition with her ex who was in the same friend circle. After a 4-year relationship in the same network, it was hard to break free from that. She was so caught up in the breakup that all she tried to do was seem fine around her friends, when actually, she was obsessively paranoid of what people were saying about her. What was once a comfortable close-knit community had turned into an awkward battlefield.

Are you caught up in a super tight-knit community of drama, gossip and in-your-face-ness? Are you aware that there’s a whole lot more of the world that will make your clique’s little problems seem absolutely minuscule?

In America alone, there are 50 states to explore. Chances are, the man of your dreams is not your neighbor. He doesn’t have to be your highschool sweetheart. Not even a dude you met at college. For those who have traveled or online dated, I'm sure you can all agree with me on this one!

The best place to see what’s really out there is the Internet, don't you think? Joining a social network instantly connects you with people from all over the country – and the globe. How else are you going to get a kick-start at cross-state dating or even just networking OUTSIDE of your teeny tiny community?

Enter Zepeel, making browsing for your perfect guy easy-peasy. Wouldn't you like to get away from the messy, intertwined network that makes your world feel so small? I suggest logging onto Zepeel to see what it’s like. Why wouldn't you be open to meeting people outside of your familiar comfort zone? It'll really surprise you!

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Gabby G

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