Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sulkers of the Internet: People Who Write Missed Connections

How is this not pathetic?...
The other day, I saw this missed connections post; one of those tragically "beautiful" ones. After seeing this, I went on Craigslist to read more, which was a totally confusing and weird experience. Do these people actually expect to rekindle with some mysteriously charming stranger online? Am I the only one who finds these totally a waste of time and just plain depressing?

Missed connections are for people who sit around and wait for good things (like love) to happen to them. They miss chances and then regret missed opportunities, so they go online to post weird poem-like things saying, “I rode my bike right past you and smiled because you were beautiful.”

Let’s be real– missed connections don’t work. It’s just too creepy of a concept. Sure, the Internet is a platform that brings strangers together, but Craigslist seems more like a comfort zone for passive sulkers than a realistic solution for sad singles. It’s such a “hurting” atmosphere that isn’t inviting or attractive at all. It’s like a hub for hopeful dwellers and wishful thinking.

If you’ve got time to write a sulky post on Missed Connections, then you definitely have time to join a supervised online dating service for like-minded people. Sulkers don’t find what they’re looking for; go-getters do. It’s confusing to think that presently, in 2013, there are still sad single people. Missed connections prove this. Why do people sit there writing a depressing post when all they have to do is put themselves out there to find another somebody?

You’re not using the Internet properly if you’re just sulking on Craigslist. People need to stop this ASAP and go sign up to meet a large pool of new people. Wouldn’t that be the only practical way in boosting the well-being of single people?

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