Monday, December 16, 2013

You should date a reckless guy

A rendition of Charles Warnke's You Should Date An Illiterate Girl 

Choose the guy who couldn't care less about being chosen. The type that doesn't give a damn about missed opportunities. A guy who would never sulk over consequences because quite frankly, he has nothing to lose. A guy who seems aloof, incautious and heedless towards those who fail to capture his interest. Someone who isn't mindful of what others think.

Date the guy who is thoughtless about the future and rash about the present. Someone who is inattentive to rules and unhesitant to do as he desires.

Once he sets his eyes on you, realize that he is reckless and that he will take no precaution; he is mindless of danger. He will be blind to your imperfections, even when you look your absolute worst. He'll be deaf to irrelevant chatter, traces of an unwanted past. He'll be impulsive; hot-headed to fall head-first, head-over-heels.

He may take notice of your flaws that slip, but deep down inside, he is completely inattentive to those flaws. Date the guy who’s inattentive to the idea that you and he could be a mismatch. Love him for being completely and utterly neglectful of anything but you and him.

Date someone who couldn’t care less about anything else so long as you are his – he recklessly disregards all else. He will be rash to wrap his arms around you, kiss your lips, make love to you passionately. He will courageously (but more effortlessly) put you first before all else, because you will be his enjoyment and comfort. Date that type of guy, who is absolutely careless, so long as you are his.

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