Sunday, October 20, 2013

Use These 6 Apps to Enhance Your Relationship

Technology is making everything easier, and relationships are no exception. With so many creative apps out on the market, you won’t ever have to feel helpless when there’s a bump in the road. Whatever your relationship concern is, there’s probably an app tailored for it... Equip yourself by downloading these six basics to strengthen you and your beau’s love life.

1.    Build better communication
Imagine having a private newsfeed slash dropbox exclusively for you and your loved one -- the Between app is a photo and love note-sharing tool just for you two. The couple-oriented software lets you post statuses (more like love notes) onto a storyboard for your eyes only. This is perfect if you’re looking to strengthen your communication; you can keep each other updated in a unique and convenient way. 

2.    Clear the air easily
You’re bound to have that exboyfriend who you’d rather not have around, especially popping up on your computer screen. Now you can completely detach from bad exes with Ex-Blocker  – a browser plugin that completely blocks up to five people off your Facebook, Twitter and other blog sites. If you’re the type to dwell in the past, do yourself a favour and install this. And install it on your boyfriend’s computer while you’re at it!

3.    Spice Things Up
Passion is a mobile app that rates your performance in bed on a scale of 1 to 10. All you need to do is turn on the app and place it on your bed before getting it on. This is a fun way to get more into it than ever before. You can take turns owning the bed and turn it into a fun competition.

4. Avoid drama with pre-crafted messages
Are you the type to text things you don’t even mean out of anger? The Makeup Text app crafts the perfectly appropriate make-up text for any occasion. Most of the pre-assembled texts are for comic relief, but sincere ones like “I love you more than anything” or “I want another chance” will surely not leave you in the dust.   

5.    Be mindful of anniversaries
As its name suggests, the MANsaver app saves your lover -- from forgetting important dates of anniversaries, birthdays, dinner dates, etc. Guys can be really bad with remembering things, so this app will come in really handy. It even offers sweet gift ideas, pre-made sentimental messages and unique date scenarios; it’s a win-win for both you and your man!

6.  Shop together for your future
This one’s for awaiting bride-to-be’s: the Tiffany & Co. iPhone app lets you pick out a ring with ease. What better way to be on the same page with things than flipping through this online catalogue? Warning: app could either enhance or harm relationship depending on how it’s used.

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