Sunday, October 27, 2013

The 5 most cliché women’s costumes to avoid this Halloween

Year after year, dressing up for Halloween doesn’t seem to get any easier. It’s always the first thing that comes to mind once October rolls around because you know that at the end of the month, you’ll be expected to show up to a party dressed exceptionally slutty. It’s the one night it’s hardest to stand out in a crowd because, let’s be honest, you’re surrounded by a pool of half-naked girls with loads of makeup on. Now I can’t really help you with what to wear to set yourself apart, but I can lay out this list of don’t-do’s. Wear something you’ll actually take pride in this year, AKA not any of these listed below.

1. The ambiguous, barely-there “uniform”
You’re bound to see tons of women in either black, navy blue or army green this (and every) Halloween – and trust me, everyone has just had enough. These party-packagers outfits are boring and will spark no conversation. Not to mention they’re a rip-off and not always flattering!

2. The tavern girl dress

Whether you’re Dorothy, Alice in Wonderland, a Swiss girl, a tavern girl or a Viking girl… That ribbon-y, short A-line dress from the costume store looks all the same to guys (especially in the dark). These dresses never fail to fill half the room at Halloween parties, so do yourself a favor and don’t fall in that trap!

3. The plaid shirt and ripped jean shorts

Only dress up as a cow girl or lumberjack girl if you want to publicize the fact that you were ridiculously busy (or lazy) this Halloween. Daisy Duke is so last decade. It also requires minimal to no effort in putting together, which is no fun. Show a little bit of creativity and originality by doing anything BUT this.

4. The EARS

While playboy bunnies are iconic sex symbols… Cats, mice and cheetahs are not. The furry ears, eyeliner-drawn whiskers and tails on a skin-tight black dress are just so lame. Unless there was a cool pop culture reference to it, it’s just weird to dress up as a feline or rodent – yet we still continue to see this year after year.

5. The supernatural entity

Angel wings or devil horns are the staple pieces that every Halloween shop will carry for eternity. But hey, it’s 2013 and Halloween’s not about angels and devils and ghouls anymore. It’s too outdated to be considered a cool costume ever. Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, the “angel” look really won’t fly.

While this list narrows down your options A LOT, it also opens your eyes to alternative ways to dress up for Halloween! Try piecing together an outfit that is one-of-a-kind -- mixing and matching pieces rather than wearing just a store-bought outfit. By eliminating these clichés, you can explore options that show off your creativity and personal style. You can add a special touch to any costume by digging random things out of your own closet and thinking of ways to incorporate them into your costume! Stand out from the crowd this Halloween by shining your own light -- the magic formula to impressing any guy!

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