Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lauren Conrad is Happier than Ever -- Here's How

Lauren Conrad isn't just a pretty face -- there is a thing or two to take away from the blonde bombshell when it comes to dating. The 27-year-old fashion designer, author and blogger seemed happier than ever after her boyfriend of two years, William Tell, proposed to her this past weekend. Conrad's first big break into Hollywood was drama-filled reality TV -- The Hills and Laguna Beach -- but today, just a few years after the show, she is fully settled down with her beau with a successful enterprise built to her name. Here's what Lauren Conrad did to prove herself very smart about her dating life.

1. She ditched fame
It's like an implicit rule that celebrities date other celebrities; the higher profile you are, the higher profile you will date. Think of all the A-listers that were quick to get married to other A-listers, only to end in divorce: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. The fact that Lauren Conrad chose a low key guy tells you that she doesn't count fame as a factor when it comes to dating -- she genuinely cares about her man's character and all the real stuff.

2. She was mindful of commonalities
Lauren Conrad is a reality TV star turned business woman; her fiancee is an ex rock band member turned law school student. The two both dipped their toes in the entertainment industry, but proceeded to pursue more stable careers. Never mind the little things they share in common, but Lauren Conrad definitely nailed it when sticking with an important aspect -- a similar outlook on life.

3. She has an eye for matching things -- even when it comes to boys
Fashionistas like to match shoes to their clothes, and men are no exception. Lauren Conrad and her boyfriend look adorable together because they share similar style -- the two were often spotted wearing complementing outfits or sunglasses. The couple seems like-minded when it comes to fashion, both sporting preppy and dapper looks. You'd be surprised; this kind of stuff matters to a lot of girls and especially fashionistas. This "matching" look is definitely not something that Conrad's jock-like ex could offer, which makes her current fiancee all the better.

She's wearing polka dots, he's wearing a dotted bow tie.
4. She likes balance and looks for balance in her men
It's not every day you meet a rock star turned lawyer, but the concept of it exists everywhere: a man who is well-rounded with a range of interests. When Lauren Conrad isn't working on continuing to build her empire, she's often spotted wining and dining and hanging out by the pool with her boyfriend. Similarly, the 33-year-old University of Southern California student is studious yet social and knows how to just chill out.

5. She was open-minded to a setup
The newly engaged couple met on a blind date! "I met my boyfriend on a setup," Conrad told Allure magazine a while back. "I did not go with high hopes, though. What was nice about us is we both went in with preconceptions, but they were quickly broken." Rather than dating within her circle of friends at Laguna Beach, Conrad stepped out and took the initiative to be introduced to someone completely new. If every girl was as brave and smart about dating, the world would be a much cuter place.

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