Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can you read men as well as you think?

Having a good read on your man is so important when it comes to dating short-term or long-term. Understanding him well can completely change the dynamics of your relationship and even shape how compatible you two can be. Try this short quiz to see if you’re a newbie or a pro at reading men -- and find out what you need to brush up on in the results at the end!

Q 1. Your man who is normally quite calm and collected loses his cool at a gathering. You:
a) Feel uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed. You brush it off like nothing, but are confused and think ‘what’s gotten into him?’
b) Make the conscious effort to change the subject immediately to crush the awkward vibe. You’ll ask him about this later.
c) Turn the attention on you by making a smart comment or joke.

Q 2. It’s Superbowl Sunday and your man chooses to skip out on your Sunday ritual lunch date to hit the pub with friends. Because of your busy schedules, Sundays are the only real one-on-one time you’ve had for a while now. He seems to feel torn, but doesn’t change the fact that he’s ditching you for pre-game beers. You:
a) Are totally upset at him. He’s clearly not taking the relationship as seriously as you are.
b) Ask if you can tag along. After all, that’s the only way you’ll both get what you want, right?
c) Tell him ‘no worries’ and to go enjoy, even if you’re a tiny bit disappointed. Maybe you’ll even tag along if you feel like it.

Q 3. You see your boyfriend get a bit too friendly with a friend of yours at a party. He’s more attentive and smiley than usual. Your natural reaction is to think:
a) He finds her attractive and would totally go for her if he was single. He did mention he had a thing for green eyes.
b) He is being really nice because she is being really nice.
c) There’s nothing to it. You noticed his slight change in behavior but so what? He is with you.

Q 4. Your beau tells you to keep Saturday free for a surprise date at an unknown restaurant. What do you wear?
a) You have no idea and ask him what you should wear. Or to at least give you a general idea.
b) A little black dress that isn’t too casual or formal, but could work both ways.
c) The outfit you know will be perfect for this occasion. He’s finally taking you to the resto you’ve been hinting at!

Q 5. You and your boyfriend of one year have been on rocky terms for two months now. Once again you argue over the phone for an hour and the conversation ends badly. You finally ask if he wants to break up and for the first time he says: he thinks it’d be a good idea to take some time apart to think things through. To you, this means:
a) He is upset and is saying this out of spite, though he doesn’t want to break up. After all, he could have straight up told you it’s over.
b) He is tired of arguing and needs time to cool off, but will come back around. He might still care, but is too fed up at this point to make a bigger effort. Best to take a break.
c) What he really means to say is he’s already over it and indifferent to what happens at this point. He should know whether or not he wants to be with you – an in-between is basically a no.

Mostly A’s: Na├»ve Nancy
You’re new to the dating game and it’s never been a game to you – you see things at face value which causes you to sometimes misread what your man really means. When conflicts arise, best to try putting yourself in your man’s shoes rather than trying to read him.

Mostly B’s: Sensible Susie
You don’t like to jump to assumptions and ignore your emotional instincts when it comes to reading a man. You’ve experienced enough to understand how a guy may feel in certain situations, but are still more on the passive side when it comes to resolving conflict because you are not 100% sure what could really be going on. To get a better idea of things, try observing more attentively at how your beau tends to react to different scenarios.

Mostly C’s: Maneater Marcy
You naturally understand men’s behaviors and intentions. This understanding comes intuitively to you and because of this, you may not put in the effort to be attentive. Be quick not to jump to conclusions and don’t forget the importance of two-way communication. No matter how well you think you know, there’s no harm in double-checking to give your man the final word.

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