Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Ways Video Will Enhance Our Love Lives

We may have entered the “digital age” ages ago, but it’s just recently that we’ve entered the age of Video. Compared to last year, Internet users are posting 75% more videos on Facebook. YouTube is at its ultimate prime, and most social apps now enable video – simply because it’s become such a popular method of engaging with others online.With every innovative shift in technology, the lifestyles of love-seekers shift a little, too.

When online dating first became a thing, people became connected quicker and easier. When mobile apps became prevalent, long-distance relationships became more feasible. Naturally, this new video age we’ve entered will also affect the way we find, meet and carry out romance.

1. Profiles and bios become more reliable
Video profiles are replacing photos, and users are able to take others at face value. Gone are the days of pixelated photos or photoshopped stills that make you doubt.

2. Messaging becomes more exciting
Opening a message is much more exciting when it’s in the form of a video clip, versus mere text and emojis. Voice notes are already a popular way of exchanging messages. Video is the next step.

3. Chatting is not only real-time, but realistic
Video makes chatting evermore real, safe and fun. Real, because you are visualizing and hearing in real-time. Safe, because the person on the other side is genuine. And fun, because you can actually feel that connection and chemistry online as you gaze into each other’s eyes!

4. Meeting doesn’t have to be in a coffee shop or bar
Video enables a virtual meeting place and replaces the initial awkward date. Hop on a video meet and you can quickly establish if it’s worth taking to the next step.

5. Prolonged usage boosts self-confidence
Rather than hiding behind the screen, putting yourself in front of the camera and seeing and accepting your self-image will make you feel amazing. We don’t observe ourselves enough to appreciate the beauty we possess; video lets you get comfortable in your own skin and can enhance your overall level of confidence.

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